At the Dads Organisation of New Zealand we are all about dads helping dads.

We have an online positive parenting course that dads can work through at their own pace. The course is helping many dads improve their parenting skills. The course can also help dad provide evidence of his efforts to improve and make changes as a parent and this can help in situations where dad is having issues getting access to his kids. has also produced a short film made with the help of volunteer mums and dads who have an interest in acting. Apart from making a great film, these parents made connections with one another and those friendships continue today. The film helps convey a message of how young dads feel and the challenges they face.


Where next for the Dads Organisation of New Zealand?  

One of the most regularly asked questions we get from dads is “can I get some support around getting a job?”

A lot of research has been put into this and the findings so far are:

That this problem does not affect all dads, but a select group of dads. Regardless of how many jobs they apply for, they are rejected.

Employment selection is a systemized approach and some of the dads simply do not tick all the boxes that an employer is after.

For these dads, CV and interview skills are not enough.


How can we help them?  

By creating a fair selection process, by encouraging education, and providing an alternative means of income.

Fair Selection Process

As a society, we can change our employment selection process, creating better corporate cultures and work ethics.

In my time of job coaching for dads, I have seen large companies not complying with the most basic of employment laws, including a large supermarket chain asking staff to pay for safety equipment, requiring credit checks on staff for the position of cashier (that is unlawful for those H/R people that don’t know this) and a large bike chain that says they are looking for ‘young people’.

We can all help to ensure that the company we work for complies with current employment standards.

Please send me an email via the contact tab if you have any questions about this.

Encouraging Education

Many of the dads I talk to feel they have missed their opportunity for education, or that they just do not have the confidence in their ability to learn.

Our online positive parenting course is more than 63,000 words, about the size of an average book. Dads completing a positive parenting course have shown that they do have the ability to learn. One dad said that this course was the “first thing in his life that he had completed”. He gained greater confidence from doing the positive parenting course.

Some dads feel that tertiary education is not an option because they never completed high school. Well, neither did I. Yet I have 4 tertiary qualifications and I’m working on my 5th. Once you are over 20 years old you can apply for 20+ entry into most university courses which does not require completion of NCEA. Another possibility is taking a diploma and certificate course which have lower application criteria.

With the Labour coalition government introducing its first year of tertiary fees free in 2018, and the Southern Institute of Technology adding to this with its first academic year’s accommodation free, there has never been a better time to study.

Alternative Income   

OECD countries have experienced a continual decline in jobs for unskilled labour over the past few decades. Technology is one of the main reasons for the decline in unskilled labour. While technology may have made some people unemployed, it has also allowed for an increase in people able to become self-employed. Internet Of Things (OIT) technology such as Uber, Lime, and Airbnb are good examples of new self-employment opportunities.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are new decentralised technologies that provide lots of new and exciting income opportunities. Cryptocurrency is the equivalent of online cash and currently, there are millions of e-commerce websites out there that only take credit cards. Think about this; does it make sense for businesses to turn away cash paying customers? Well, that is exactly what most websites are doing right now! The future demand for people who have experience and knowledge in crypto is going to be massive.

In 2019 has been helping dads discover new ways to earn income!