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CONGRATULATIONS! – We made it to $300 in funding.

Teen Dad will be released on Youtube on January 12th!

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Thank-you to everyone who supported this dads project.

The Social Message

Teen Dad carries a strong social message about some of the disadvantages younger dads face. Often these young dads want to be good fathers but the help just isn’t there for them. Many of the antenatal and perinatal courses are taught from a female perspective and dads can often feel disempowered and helpless. They get messages about how abortion and sex are a women’s choice and how they should support the decision no matter the consequences, to themselves or the child. Apart from the pressure of a female dominated antenatal and perinatal support system, young fathers feel a social pressure to leave education and financially support their family. Unskilled young fathers face higher rents, lower paying jobs and generally end up being told they are not trying hard enough. This film is intended to give the viewer a greater understanding of pressures of being a young dad. The film is 7 mins long.


Tom is homeless and needs money to buy food. He thinks back to how he got to this moment in his life. The story involves his girlfriend getting pregnant and Tom struggling to support his family. He discovers employers do not want someone young, without any education and experience. He also finds his family is discriminated in other areas such as accommodation. Based on a truly compelling story of a young dad trying to make his mark in the world. Starring real parents who volunteered their time to tell his story.

Benefits to society and participants

This film helped create social connections and co-operation within the community. People involved in the film experienced increased confidence and greater life experience. This film is a way to get their name out there and broaden their opportunities. All of the participants in this film have been encouraged to create their own channel on YouTube.


Funds raised with this Kickstarter campaign are used to purchase advertising to help the film gain exposure.