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Welcome to the team. You now have access to the first module of Parenting. A new module will be available every 7 days and I think you are going to find them quite straight forward. People from all walks of life have studied these courses. Currently we offer two courses in this format; Anger Management and Parenting.
Although there are questions involved with each module, you don’t have to score a certain percentage to pass. They are really just a check to see that you have understood the material. You will obviously know some of the content and other things you may find challenging.

At Dads.org.nz we believe that all kids need dads in their lives and that all dads need their kids in their lives. Research shows that if this is the case then kids do so much better in all areas of life, from socially, behaviourally, to academically and financially. We believe that the greatest thing we can be in life is a Dad.

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